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Cafeteria Staff:
Manager: Pearl Arias 

[email protected]
Cook: Bianca Marquez
Assistant: Rafelia Espinoza


Children need healthy meals to learn. St. Anthony School offers healthy meals every school day. This school both breakfast and lunch meals are FREE for all students. 


Please help our cafeteria and our Title I federal funding by filling out the lunch application to see if you qualify. 


A monthly menu is provided. Lunch is prepared on site and students may also bring a lunch from home. Do not send your child with fast food items. 


Cafeteria meals:

  • Meets all USDA Requirements
  • Lunch includes all required components 
  • Student Regular Lunch cost w/drink is $2.75 per day
  • Smart snack sales will be available -$1.00, to be paid separately or added to the student's lunch bill.