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Cafeteria Staff:

Nutrition Director: Elizabeth Collis

[email protected]

Assistant Director: Delia Aleman

Kitchen Manager: Rafelia Espinoza

[email protected]
Cooks: Rafelia Espinoza and Sandra Suchil


Children need healthy meals to learn. St. Anthony School offers healthy meals every school day.  


Please help our cafeteria and our Title I federal funding by filling out the lunch application to see if you qualify. 


A monthly menu is provided. Lunch is prepared on site and students may also bring a lunch from home. Do not send your child with fast food items. 


Cafeteria meals:

  • Meets all USDA Requirements
  • Lunch includes all required components 
  • Student Regular Breakfast cost w/drink is $ 2.00 & Reduced Breakfast w/drink is $0.30
  • Student Regular Lunch cost w/drink is $3.50 per day & Reduced Lunch w/drink is $0.40