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Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Mission Statement

St. Anthony School is a Christ-centered and family-oriented community that is rooted in tradition of academic excellence for the formation of the whole person that empowers servant leadership.


Vision Statement

Building on a century old tradition, St. Anthony school will continue to provide an excellent Catholic based education that will foster independent and innovative thinking among students.  We will inspire them to use their God-given talents for the greater good of our global society.


Core Values

Spirituality – Staff and students will continue to grow in Spiritual formation where we will witness Jesus as our teacher to help us grow in our Catholic faith.


Service Oriented – Students will use their God-given talents as they grow in the spirit of stewardship and community service by helping others in the world they live in.

Teamwork – Staff, students, and parents will actively participate in school activities and events and teach by example how teamwork helps improve our education, facility, and faith formation.

Family Atmosphere – Parent will be provided opportunities to be involved in their child’s education to better grow in personal and spiritual formation as we all live our Catholic faith as one family.

Leadership – With Jesus as our teacher, we will ALL lead with and faith, hope, and love for the betterment of our school, parish, and community.

Excellence – We commit to the highest quality of Catholic Education based on our Christian core values, moral standards, and education data results for the greater glory of God.