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St. Anthony At-A-Glance

The pastor provides a regular monthly subsidy. Parents may apply for tuition financial assistance from the Diocese and the Kenedy Grant Foundation.  Parents are encouraged to participate actively in the school's mandatory fundraising projects, especially in the annual Fall Festival, sponsored by the parish.
The school has the respect and love of many alumni, and there is the strong desire, on the part of several families, to provide a Catholic education for their children through the years of adolescence.  The 21st century has been an age of many major technological breakthroughs and more than ever than before is there a need to offer an excellent faith-based education foundation to the children and youth of Robstown, the Northwest corridor of Corpus Christi, and beyond.  To respond to this challenge, St. Anthony School is continually upgrading its curriculum to prepare the young people of this community for the high-skilled workforce needed.
Spiritual Development
  • Day begins and ends with prayer togehter as a school community
  • Daily prayers throughout the day
  • Daily Religious Instruction
  • Weekly Student Mass
  • Monthly School Mass with Families
  • Confessions once a quarter
  • Class visits to the adoration chapel
  • On campus mini retreats 
  • Community Service opportunities
  • Rosary prayed as a school in the months of October and December
  • White Army Prayer Group
  • Little Flowers Club
  • Technology classes/Enrichment & Tutorial programs
  • 3D printing, Robotics and Coding opportunities
  • STREAM enhanced curriculum: Science, Technology, Religion, English, Art, Math
  • STREAM Fair, Local and Diocesan
  • Curriculum by the Office of Catholic Schools/Grade Level Outcome checklist for class
  • Small group instruction
  • Afterschool tutorials provided
  • Accelerated Reader (AR program)
  • Music Class for grades
  • Weekly Counseling sessions with each grade level