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Extracurricular Activities


In keeping with the guidelines of St. Anthony's philosophy is to prepare well-rounded individuals, St. Anthony offers

  • Dance 
  • Cheerleading
  • Gardening Club
  • Drama Club
  • National Honor Society 
  • Chess Club 
  • Choir 
  • Piano Lessons
  • Movie Club 
Movie Club: 
Middle School students get together on the first Friday of every month and get to learn more on Theology of the Body while discussing a certain movie. Our Movie Club sponsor is Sr. Gemma. 
Gardening Club:
Meets every Wednesday and is responsible for beautifying the school campus through planting while learning about various plants. Our Gardening Club sponsor is Ms. Konitzer.
Drama Club :
The drama club has recently been implemented to expose students to basic theater. Our Drama Club sponsors are Mrs. Rachidy and Mrs. White. 
Chess Club:
challenges students new strategies as they compete to play amongst each other as a means to learn new strategies. Our Chess Club Sponsor is Mr. Sheehan. 
Groups are given the opportunity to serve as music ministers. Our Choir sponsor is Miss Reyes. 
Piano Lesson:
is an opportunity for students to enhance in their musician skills for a fee. Our piano sponsor is Miss Reyes. 


Dance Lessons:

the students learn the basic fundamentals of ballet and learn dances to perform for school events. Our Dance Sponsor is Miss Hoepfl.



One way St. Anthony School fosters school spirit is through our cheerleading club. Girls in grades PreK4-8th grade are encouraged to join. Practices are held once a week. Parents purchase the cheer uniform. Our Cheer Sponsor is Abigail Flores.


Extra-curricular Activities Pick-up Policy:

Parents or guardians must pick-up their child promptly at the end of a scheduled practice or event. Students not picked up will be sent to extended day care for a fee.