St. Anthony School
​"Let Them Shine"
K3 - 8th  Grade
​Robstown, TX

Mission Statement
 St. Anthony School is a Christ-centered and family-oriented community that is rooted in tradition of academic excellence for the formation of the whole person that empowers servant leadership.
St. Anthony School
Profile and History
St. Anthony School was founded in Robstown, Texas in 1916 by the Missionary Sisters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary.  It began with 20 students who were children of Mexican migrant farm workers who picked cotton and vegetables in the fields surrounding the village of Robstown.  During the past 97 years, there have been significant changes, which have impacted the Robstown community.  One such shift was the invention of the combine to pick cotton with machines, thus replacing hand work in the fields.  True to its roots after 97 years of service, St. Anthony School continues to serve a predominantly Hispanic population in the community of Robstown.
St. Anthony School is located in a very low economic residential area (by the railroad track) in Robstown, Texas.  The pastor provides a regular monthly subsidy.  Parents pay their children's tuition fees with tuition financial assistance from the Diocese and the Kenedy Grant Foundation.  Parents are encouraged to participate actively in the school's mandatory fundraising projects, expecially in the annual Fiesta Mexicana, sponsored by the parish.  As far as the physical plant, the present school building was constructed in the mid-1960's.  In 1968, St. Anthony School joined the Corpus Christi Diocese in seeking accreditation with the Texas Education Agency.  At that time, the school consisted of grades Kindergarten through 6th Grade.  Later in 1979, the two pre-kinder grades were added to the school system.  Since September 1974, the VESS organization (Volunteers for Educational and Social Services) has provided the school with several qualified teacher volunteers each year.  VESS is sponsored by the Texas Catholic Conference to help schools in low income areas.
In 1986, an attempt was made to consolidate St. Anthony School with St. John School, the other Catholic school in town.  After a year of experimentation of combining two campuses, the parishioners of St. John's Parish decided to close their school in May 1987.  In a meeting on March 14, 1996, the Corpus Christi Diocesan Board gave the approval to move forward with a plan to expand St. Anthony School to include the 6th and 7th grades from St. John School campus.  The following year, the Diocesan School Board gave its approval for adding an 8th grade year for the school year 1997-98.  The school has the respect and love of many alumni, and there is the strong desire, on the part of a number of families, to provide a Catholic education for their children through the years of adolescence.
The 21st century has been an age of many major technological breakthroughs and more than ever than before is there a need to offer an excellent faith-based education foundation to the children and youth of Robstown, the Northwest corridor of Corpus Christi, and beyond.  To respond to this challenge, St. Anthony School is continually upgrading its curriculum to prepare the young people of this community for the high-skilled workforce needed.  We will strive to provide extensive teaching training for effective classroom instruction and achievement especially in computer technology and other innovative educational methodology in response to the present needs of the learners.  It is worth mentioning as we move forward toward a hope-filled fuiture in education, that in the school tyear 2008-09 up to the present, we initiated a contract with the University of Notre Dame to provide teachers from the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Services through Teaching program/ministry.  Therefore, we view our future as a challenge for improvement and we are determined to continue to proclaim the Gospel message responding to the unique personal need of each child.
​St. Anthony School has been Accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission and was just Re-Accredited on May 4, 2016.